Airport Wildlife Consultants

Airport Wildlife Consultants¬†LLC is a woman-owned small business dedicated to providing wildlife monitoring and management services in and around airports. We offer the services of two highly trained and experienced senior level wildlife biologists with over 30 years of experience providing wildlife management services to airports. As a “mom and pop” firm, our overhead is very low, making our services very efficient and cost effective. We are:

  • FAA qualified airport wildlife biologist
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • 25 years of experience conducting wildlife management operations at airports while employed with USDA Wildlife Services
  • Extensive knowledge of wildlife history, habits, and habitats
  • Extensive experience with wildlife monitoring and management including mechanical controls, exclusionary techniques, repellants, chemical capture agents, and live trapping
  • Excellent working relationship with the FAA and other regulatory agencies
  • A Team of field specialists including military airfield managers, airport consultants, pest control operators, landscape architects, biologists, archaeologists, and land use planners
  • Cooperative working relationship with USDA National Wildlife Research Center
  • Offices in Arizona and Nevada